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Transform Your Brick Home from Drab to Unique

Boost Your Home’s Curbside Appeal with Brick Painting

The Benefits of Painting Brick

a painter painting a home

There are several advantages to painting brick that you’ll be able to enjoy after your project is complete, including:

  • Driving up to a home that feels brand-new after work.
  • Protect outside building materials on your home to ensure they last longer.
  • Truly transformative results that are well worth the cost.

Painted brick can help make your home appear more modern, unique, creative, or any way that you want it to feel. Our team at Platinum Painting of McKinney will discuss exterior paint types and brands with you too, to help you make the best and longest-lasting decision when it comes to choosing your paint. Not to mention, because the paint creates a barrier between your brick and rain, beating UV rays, and other natural elements, you can expect it to last longer than it would without paint.

The Process of Having Your Brick Home Painted

a brick home

Our team at Platinum Painting of McKinney is incredibly thorough, knowledgeable, and skilled-- allowing the homeowners we help to sit back and enjoy the phenomenal, transformative results after the project is complete. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, so at the end of it all, you’ll have a chance to do a final walkthrough and make sure that you’re satisfied with the results. Here’s what you can expect throughout the process up until that point:

  1. Clean and power wash the brick to ensure that no dirt or debris is trapped on it that could ruin the paint job.
  2. Once the brick is dried, we’ll fill and fix any cracks or gaps in the brick exterior.
  3. Before painting, we’ll apply a specially-formulated primer for masonry to make the results look better and last longer.
  4. We’ll then apply multiple coats of exterior paint.
  5. Finally, once you’ve done a final walkthrough and examined the results, we’ll clean up our mess so you can enjoy your home again!

If you’re interested in painting the exterior of your home, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team to schedule a free in-home estimate!