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The Good Contractors List – McKinney, TX

Guaranteed, High-Quality Results

Free Mediation Services

happy homeowners

Starting a project with Platinum Painting through the Good Contractors website qualifies you to work with the Good Contractors team. They will reach out to you periodically throughout the project, making sure you are satisfied with your experience. After project completion, they will ask if the results meet your standards of quality. If the answer is no, Good Contactors will send industry experts to your house to look at the work at no cost to you.

Keep in mind that long before Good Contractors List would need to step in, our customer care team will be taking care of you throughout your home improvement project. Plus, we’re not finished until you’ve inspected our work and given us your approval.

$10,000 Guarantee on Quality

Let’s say the Good Contractors List team needs to come to your home, and they discover that your project hasn’t been completed correctly. Good Contractors List will then spend up to $10,000 to fix it. One way or another, you’ll end up with results you love. You’re guaranteed to win!

Do you want to learn more details about this guarantee? You can contact our customer care team or read more on the Good Contractors List website.