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Popcorn Removal – McKinney, TX

Get Rid of Outdated Popcorn Ceilings

The Benefits of Popcorn Removal

Newly painted ceiling and wall

Want to make your living space feel more modern? An easy, effective way to accomplish this is by finally removing the popcorn texture from the walls and ceilings. Otherwise, when it comes time to sell your house in the future, prospective buyers can be turned off to your property.

Not only do popcorn surfaces to look strange, but they are also notorious for accumulating grime and dust from the air, particularly near ceiling fans. As you might imagine, keeping these rough textured walls and ceilings clean is not an easy task. Removing popcorn won’t just improve your home’s sheer aesthetic value—it can also create a healthier environment for your family!

Popcorn Removal Steps

Man removing popcorn wall texture

  • Before we address the wall and ceiling texture, we will remove all light switches, fixtures, and most furniture from the room(s). We will cover the floors and any remaining furniture.
  • Using a powerful water gun, we will spray and thoroughly soak the ceilings and walls. With our specialty tools, our team will scrape away the popcorn texture in big chunks.
  • When we finally reach the underlying layer called the substrate, we’ll make the surface much flatter and more attractive. If necessary, we will prime or sand it as well.
  • When work is complete, we’ll take time to clean up the room(s), vacuum, and clear out all popcorn material. When you give the final inspection, the only sign that we were ever there will be the beautifully updated walls.

What Happens Next?

Man preparing for popcorn removal

After we’ve given you a flat ceiling and walls, Platinum Painting of McKinney can give you options for making them look even better! Do you want new textures, a fresh coat of paint, or another unique design idea? We can provide advice to help you make a decision, ensuring that you’re ready to move forward with the improvement plan you’ve selected.


popcorn ceiling being removed

Ultimately, our team at Platinum Painting strives to make your design dreams for your home a reality. For many homeowners, those dreams do not have popcorn ceilings. Fortunately, we can easily handle this texture and provide a more updated look. However, you may have questions about this specialized service. Here are our responses to common customer questions about popcorn ceiling removal. Please feel free to contact our team if you have other concerns not mentioned here. We’ll happily answer your questions and schedule your free estimate.

Why should I remove my popcorn ceiling?

Believe it or not, there was a time when popcorn ceilings were popular. Nowadays, however, people generally don’t favor this design choice. The texture is bulky and chunky, which can draw attention from other features in the room. Plus, dust and grime can accumulate, especially around ceiling fans. Whenever you get around to selling your home, potential buyers often view the outdated popcorn ceilings as a negative of your property. Although taking down the popcorn texture may seem like a small change, it can have a huge impact and make a room feel more inviting.

Will my ceiling be ready to paint once it is removed?

Removing popcorn ceiling requires a few steps before it is ready to paint. First, we soak the ceiling with a special solution and then carefully scrape the texture off with our professional grade tools. We then float the joints with drywall mud to create a smooth surface. Finally, we add the correct texture and prime it. After this point, you can choose your paint color, which will be much more likely to stay for years to come.

How long does popcorn ceiling removal take?

The timeline for any project largely depends on the size of the area we’re working with. While a little area can usually be completed in about two days, an entire house can be treated and re-textured in three or four days. Keep in mind painting after popcorn ceiling removal adds more time onto the project. When our skilled estimators give you a free quote in your home, they can tell you how much time you can expect your project to take.

What prep do I need to do before you start?

Before our team can begin removing the popcorn ceiling, we ask that you remove knickknacks and bed linens from the room. We’ll either cover or move the furniture, but having these smaller objects out of the way really helps us get to work more efficiently. Although we strive to keep your home clean throughout the process, removing popcorn ceilings is rather messy. After we finish our work, our team members will sweep and vacuum; however, you may want to have a cleaning crew come in to provide a more thorough clean for the entire house because this project can create a lot of dust. Also, we recommend staying at a hotel or a friend’s house while we’re working to remove the popcorn ceilings.