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Must-Know Tips for Preventing Interior Paint Fading

August 4, 2023

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an interior room with faded paint on the walls

Interior paint can completely transform the look and feel of your home, but over time, it’s common for your colors to fade and lose their beautiful vibrancy. Faded paint not only looks dull and uninviting, but it also requires repainting much sooner than expected. Fortunately, there are several ways you can ensure that your interior paint looks vibrant for many years to come! Continue reading below to learn more about some of the reasons why interior paint fades, and some useful tips for preventing the issue.

Why Does Paint Fade?

Interior paint can fade due to several factors, and understanding these reasons is the key to taking the correct preventive measures to maintain the liveliness of your painted surfaces. There are many things that can trigger this color reduction, but a few common reasons include:

  • Lower-quality paint and/or inadequate primer were used.
  • The room suffers from fluctuating temperatures or poor airflow.
  • Windows in the room have caused frequent sunlight (UV light) exposure to the paint.
  • The painted surface wasn’t properly cleaned or repaired beforehand.
  • Abrasion and scratching, especially in high-traffic areas.
  • The paint was incorrectly applied or not allowed to dry properly.

How Can I Prevent Interior Paint from Fading?

The average lifespan of interior paint is generally 7 to 10 years under ideal circumstances; this is notably longer compared to exterior paint, given that the latter is exposed to natural elements daily. In any case, given the amount of time and effort that will be spent on your interior paint job, you shouldn’t want it to fade quickly. Here are three easy things you can do to ensure your results look stunning for several years to come:

  • Use heavy curtains, blinds, or even a patio umbrella to reduce the amount of UV light striking your painted walls.
  • Choose a lighter color of paint, or one with a higher sheen to help reflect light rather than absorb it. Some ideas include flat, matte, and eggshell variants of whites and grays.
  • Applying more coats of paint can also help your color to remain stronger and brighter for much longer. Be sure to use the right primer, too!

You can also ensure that your interior paint lasts for as long as possible by entrusting your project to the hands of a professional team of painters. They use proven techniques, high-quality products, and are certain to leave you with lasting, beautiful walls inside your home!

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