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Your Brief Guide to Painting Your Old or Historic Home

September 2, 2023

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an older home’s painted exterior

Preserving the timeless charm and character of a traditional or historic home requires careful consideration when it comes to selecting a paint color scheme. The right colors can enhance architectural details, evoke a sense of history, and breathe refreshing new life into your cherished abode! With that in mind, continue reading below to learn a little more about some of the best paint color schemes to consider if you’re gearing up to repaint your home.

Neutrals Are Always a Safe Bet

Neutral colors are a safe and sophisticated choice for traditional homes; creams, beiges, greiges, and other similar variants all provide a timeless backdrop that allows architectural elements such as moldings and trims to stand out. These shades also create a nice sense of cohesion if your home features a variety of architectural styles, ensuring a consistent and harmonious look throughout the property.

Gray is also quite a versatile color; soft hues and muted charcoal hues add a modern twist while respecting the historical feel of a home. Finally, white is also a timeless option worth considering; crisp white exteriors often emphasize intricate trims and ornate moldings, while creamy tones add warmth and create an inviting atmosphere.

Add Bold Blues and Black to the Mix

There are tons of shades of blue out there that can work perfectly with an older home, and you shouldn’t shy away from any of them if they seem bold; navy, sky blue, royal blue, and even emerald green can all create a nice amount of contrast against lighter backgrounds in particular. Black is also a classic choice; even a seemingly simple dark trim can highlight things like window frames, doors, and ornate moldings. And if you’d like something lighter but still just as bold, chrome yellow is also a worthy contender!

Other Considerations to Keep in Mind

It’s also worth mentioning that historic homes often have architectural features that reflect the design trends of their era. That said, research the period your home belongs to and choose colors that were popular during that time; Victorian homes, for example, might benefit from vibrant and rich colors like deep reds, forest greens, and royal blues, while Colonial-style houses often look stunning in soft, muted hues like creamy whites, pale yellows, and sage greens.

Owning an old or historic home is like owning a piece of history; however, you can further build on the home’s heritage by choosing tasteful colors that further enhance and complement its architecture and feel.

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